Are you already familiar with the new Dyotics brand? This new awesome brand is recently added to our product range. Dyotics signifies naturally and great quality and therefore it’s a perfect addition in our webshop. And your salon!

Dyotics Brow henna

New in our range: Dyotics

Dyotics Tint Remover is a must for the professional brow stylist. For making brows even sharper and more beautiful. All you need is a cotton swab with a small amount of Dyotics Tint Remover and you’re good to go to make the perfect eyebrows. Whether you use regular dye like Refectocil and Godefroy or brow henna. Truly an all-in-one tint remover for professional use.

How to use Dyotics tint remover

  • Put some drops of tint remover on a cotton swab and easily pass along the freshly tinted henna brows to make them even cleaner and more sharp.
  • Whoops… are the brows a little too dark? No worries! With Dyotics Tint Remover you can brighten brows very easily. Put som drops tint remover on a cotton pad and rub the brows to make them lighter.
  • The remover is also easy to use if you just want to tint the eyebrow hairs only! For this you need a cotton pad or a cotton swab with Dyotics tint remover. Next: polish easily unwanted tint from the skin.


Dyotics Tint Remover eyebrows wenkbrauwen verven tintremover

Tip from the pro

You’ve styled and tinted the brows of your customer with love and passion. You are satisfied! But… she looks in the mirror and – whoops – she thinks the color is too dark!  You may haven’t understood each other completely, or she had something different in mind. Well, this can happen of course. But for now, you have to solve this problem. First of all try to remove as much tint residue from the skin as possible with Dyotics Tint remover. Often this makes a big difference already.

Does she still thinks the brows are too dark? Then you can brighten the brows with Refectocil Blonde as an “emergency tool”. For this you mix some Refectocil Blonde and apply it on the brush with a brush or lash brow comb. It may take some time to get the color out of the brows. Allows the dye to develop about 15 – 20 minutes. Check every 5 minutes to keep an eye on the development process. It’s not the intention that you fully bleach the brows. Also beware that the brows do not become too reddish! Sometimes, for example, a few minutes can be enough to reduce the hardness of the tinted eyebrows. This is really the last remedy that you can apply because brow hairs are not served by too many harmful substances. Tip: use gloves when you tint the eyebrows.

Dyotics Tint Remover € 10,95.

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