Once every few years, our view on brows changes completely. For example, in the seventies, almost every brow hair was depilated with no more than two lines left. In the nineties, this trend reappeared, with Pamela Anderson as a proud carrier of two thin pencil lines. While the eyebrows in the ten years between them were just wide and bushy, like that of Brooke Shields. And yes, that trend is now completely back. May we introduce you to: the fluffy eyebrows.


Instagram is full of it: bushy bold eyebrows. Cara Delevingne has no longer the exclusive right here. In fact, Cara’s brows are almost petite compared to today’s big brows. Yes, ferocious eyebrows with a bushy onset and a wispy top is what most women want to see at the moment. A stark contrast to the last Instagram brow trend, where the eyebrows were shaped as tight as possible and finished with a lot of highlighter, like Anastasia Beverly Hills brows, and the brows that are marked with #browsonpoint and #eyebrowsonfleek.


How to make a good fluffy brow

Perhaps you will not have often received the demand for real bushy brows à la Cara in your salon. Because honestly: her brows seem completely natural, so you do not need a pro. However, at Mrs.Highbrow’s there is an increasing demand for the fluffy Insta brow. And they are certainly styled, even though that does not seem to be the case. The top is pretty bushy, the bottom super tight. So is someone coming in who wants bushy brows? Wax or thread underneath the eyebrows, but leave the upside. You certainly do not cut the top. Comb up the hairs and fix them with eyebrow gel. The sleek underside can be accentuated with a highlighter.

The make-up you need

Pro Powder brow pencil Mrs.Highbrow amsterdam wenkbrauwen make-up eyebrows wenkbrauwmake-up

Eyebrow pencil. This makes the eyebrow a bit sharper and you can possibly fill in gaps and empty spots. A good pencil for this is the Pro Powder Pencil. This one has a powdery finish so the end result is tight yet natural.




Eyebrow gel clear


Clear Gel. After the pencil, it’s time to make the brows nice and fluffy by using an eyebrow gel. With this clear gel you can easily brush up the hairs and they will stay in this model all day long!





Duo Highlighter pencil makeup

Highlighter. As a finishing touch to make the brow slightly tidier and more striking. You can apply a little highlighter underneath the brow. For example with the Highlighting Duo Brow Pencil. You apply the highlighter and you make it softer with an Angled brush.




Basic material: full brows

No fluffy brows without a lot of hairs. To create and get a good pair of fluffy brows you need quite a lot of hairs. If a customer is not blessed with full brows, advise Wonderbrow. This is a magical oil with 100% pure castor oil. It improves the condition of the eyebrows and stimulates hair growth. In addition, castor oil is also known for the anti-inflammatory and calming effect. It makes the skin soft and smooth, reduces scarring and refines pores.

Consumer price Wonderbrow € 13.95

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