At Mrs.Highbrow we are always looking for the best and latest products. That is why the assortment changes regularly and we sell unique products. For example, we are currently developing beautiful eyebrow pencils that you will not see anywhere else.


Mrs.Highbrow Eyebrow Pomade Definer


Mrs.Highbrow Eyebrow Pomade Definer

Create a soft shadow or fill in bald spots with this handy eyebrow liner. And you do not have to be a make-up pro, thanks to the thin, soft tip. Take a spoolie or angled brush to blend the color nicely through your eyebrows. Available in Taupe, Medium Brown and Chocolate.

Price € 11,95.


Mrs.Highbrow Feather Brow Liner


Mrs.Highbrow Feather brow liner wenkbrauwen

The Feather Brow Liner is a combination between a pencil and a pomade. The perfect waterproof tool, in three different colors. With a triangular tip, which makes it easy to draw hairs. To fill up bald spots naturally, according to the hairstroke technique. But you just as easily make a nice shadow brow with it. Available in Black, Ash Brown and Warm Brown.

Price € 11,95.



Mrs.Highbrow Pro Powder Pencil



Pro Powder brow pencil Mrs.Highbrow amsterdam wenkbrauwen make-up eyebrows wenkbrauwmake-up

Mrs. Highbrow Duo Eyebrow Pencil is a unique, powdery pencil. It is dry and medium hard, so it is possible to create sharp lines. With the spoolie on the back of the pencil you can then comb your brows in shape and make the look softer. Available in Blond, Soft Brown and Dark Brown.

Price € 18,95.


Mrs.Highbrow Highlighting Duo Brow Pencil


Highlighting Duo Pencil especially for the eyebrows. With a matte and a shiny side. To make eyebrows even more beautiful and to make arches pop.

Price € 18,95.



Mrs.Highbrow Tinted Eyebrow Gel

Wenkbrauwgel dark brown

Mrs. Highbrow Eyebrow gel keeps your eyebrows in shape all day long. And gives a nice color to light eyebrows. Also handy to use between your paint strokes. Available in Brunette and Dark Brown.

Price € 17,95. .


Mrs.Highbrow Clear Brow gel

wenkbrauwgel clear

Mrs. Highbrow Eyebrow gel keeps your eyebrows in shape all day long. As a finishing touch of eyebrow makeup.

Price € 17,95.


Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow

Mrs.Highbrow wonderbrow olie castorolie wenkbrauwen eyebrows brows volle

Mrs. Highbrow Wonderbrow consists of 100% pure castor oil. This is also called wonder oil. And that’s it! It promotes the condition of the eyebrows and stimulates hair growth. In addition, the oil works anti-inflammatory and calming. It makes the skin soft and supple, reduces scarring and refines pores. In handy roller!

Price € 13,95.



Mrs.Highbrow Rosewater Mist

This 100% organic Rosewater Mist hydrates, soothes and refreshes the skin. And is a perfect way to fix (eyebrow) make-up. Or use it after depilation: it reduces any skin irritation.

Price € 16,95.


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