Advanced: Course Henna Brows (Centre location)


Improve you brow skills. Learn how to create the most beautiful eyebrows with Dyotics Brow Henna. During the course Henna Brows at Mrs.Highbrow Amsterdam. Including starter kit, certificate and 6 weeks of online coaching.


Henna Brows are immensely popular. As an eye brow stylist you’d do well to include this treatment in your list of services. But not before you’ve completed a workshop, because the way eye brow henna works is slightly different from using regular paint. It’s also a more meticulous job. We offer the Henna Brows Workshop in which we teach you everything there is to know about brow henna. It is a short but intensive workshop for the experienced eye brow stylist who doesn’t want to fall behind. Waxing and threading is not something we cover during this workshop; it is assumed that you have already mastered at least one of these techniques. If you do not have much experience as an eye brow stylist, we recommend you first register for the basic course Browstylist.

Course Dyotics Henna Brows

During the workshop you’ll learn everything about how eye brow henna works and when to use which color. You’ll learn how to properly measure the eye brows and how to apply the paint perfectly. All important theory is discussed, and there will be plenty of time to put it into practice, on a single model. Additionally, we’ll show you how to photograph the results in the best way possible, so that you can make perfect photo’s for your social media channels. Mrs. Highbrow’s brow gurus Francien and Ranie will share all the tips and tricks.


The course is included 

⋅ Dyotics Brow Henna Starter Kit, includes:
⋅ 5 colors of Dyotics Brow Henna
⋅ Skin Prep Lotion
⋅ Henna tint remover
⋅ 2 angled brushes
⋅ Brow Mapping Cream
⋅ Certificate
⋅ The use of all materials
⋅ 6 weeks of online coaching.

Dyotics Brow Henna Starterspakket Mrs.Highbrow


Duration course: ca. 2 uur

Attendees: maximum of 3

Need: 1 model

Location: Mrs.Highbrow, Oude Leliestraat 10, 1015 AW Amsterdam

This pleasant location is found in the center of Amsterdam, within walking distance of Amsterdam Central Station and Dam square. It’s the perfect location for those who travel by public transportation, or for those who come from further away and would like to make a city trip out of it.


Learn how to thread?

If you are a more experienced eyebrow stylist and would like to learn threading in addition to learning about henna brows, you should book the private training Threading & Henna Brows. This is a workshop for the more experienced browstylist. Threading and henna brows are popular treatments, so as a brow specialist it is wise to master both these techniques. Learn them both in one day at our cosy salon in the Amsterdam Pijp. To participate in this training, you should already be able to create decent brows. If you’re a starting specialist, you should first take the basic course Browstylist.


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