Oil lala Miracle Wax Assistant


Olala, what a delicious oil! Waxing goed even better (and therefore faster) with this 100% natural oil. Specially designed to be used in combination with Mrs. Highbrow Wunderwax. Oilala Miracle Wax Assistant, based on sandalwood, provides a protective layer so that no wax remains on the skin and hairs are better removed.


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Apply a small amount of Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant to the treated area and remove the excess oil with a cotton pad or tissue. Now eyebrows (or other facial or body hairs) are ready to get waxed!

The advantages of Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant

  • The oil provides a protective layer on the skin
  • With this oil no wax will stick to the skin
  • Ensures that every tiny hair is removed
  • Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant is 100% natural
  • The oil is super economical in use
  • Ensures that you need less wax
  • Waxing is faster if you first apply a layer of this oil, so you need less time for a customer

Tip for even better waxing

Combine Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant with Mrs. Highbrow Wunderwax silver pearls or golden pearls. This is a revolutionary wax based on polymers. This so-called hot film wax does not require wax strips to be removed. You apply it in thin layers with a wooden spatula. Use a small spatula for around the eyebrows, a medium spatula or large spatula for the upper lip and the rest of the face. But you can also use the Wundewax perfectly for the whole body.



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