Tweezerman Ultra Precision tweezer gold


Tweezerman Precision Tweezer gold is a high-quality cosmetic tweezers made of stainless steel, which gives stylists years of pleasure. And not to forget: with slanted tips for the best result.

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  • High quality tweezers
  • Stainless, gilded steel
  • With slanted tips
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The Tweezerman Ultra Precision tweezer gold is a high quality and professional tweezers with which you can work extremely precisely. The tweezers are not only super sharp but are also provided with a beautiful gold design. A must-have for the eyebrow specialist!

Tweezerman Ultra Precision tweezer gold

As an eyebrow specialist you should always be able to count on your tweezers. That is why Mrs.Highbrow wondered what characterizes good tweezers. A perfect tip, precise edges and a light resilient resistance when you squeeze. And exactly with these points, we came up with the Tweezerman Ultra Precision tweezer. Thanks to these outstanding material characteristics, brow stylists can enjoy years of reliable and accurate cosmetic tweezers.

Where a nail file is good for

Just like a good chef’s knife, tweezers also have to be sharpened regularly to keep them on a razor-sharp level. You can easily do this yourself with a nail file. But if you want to have your tweezers professionally sharpened, you can go to Meester Slijpers in Amsterdam for example. Visit their website to read more information



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