Supercilium Brow Henna Dark Brown


Supercilium Brow Henna Dark Brown is a deep, cool brown color. Especially for the tinted to dark skin, and for anyone who really wants dark eyebrows. If the brows want to get dark, they will get dark. In addition, you get a measuring spoon, cup and mixing stick.

Approx. 30 applications

Minimum order amount for UK and US (ex. shipping costs): $95 / £75. More info about shipping and costs.

  • Deep cool brown tint
  • For the perfect dark brow
  • Long lasting result
  • Professional
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Why you say ‘yes’ to Supercilium Brow Henna Dark Brown

Supercilium Brow Henna Dark Brown gives a nice and long lasting result. It stays on the skin for 5 to 14 days and for about 5 weeks on the hairs. Moreover, this eyebrow dye based on henna is specially developed for the professional eyebrow specialist. To provide customers with the perfect henna brows. Supercilium is a great alternative to regular eyebrow dye. The formula is a combination of the best quality Indian henna and the latest innovation in hair coloring.

The Style Guide of Brow Henna Dark Brown

Thread, wax or epilate the eyebrows in shape. Only then can you apply the henna tightly and you will get real power brows. When you apply the henna to an eyebrow that does not have the most beautiful shape, then it obviously does not work to make a perfect henna brow. No matter how professional you work. In addition, to ensure that the color does not turn yellow-green, it is important to let the henna paste stand for a while before use. So that it is not too fluid when you apply it to the eyebrows that desire a professional treatment. Finally, if you do not have knowledge of other Supercilium products yet, then this is the time to discover them at Mrs.Highbrow. Among others, the Supercilium Fixing Lotion, Cleansing Tonic and Tint Remover make it easier to perform a henna treatment and ensure the best results.




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