Supercilium Brow Henna Medium Brown


Supercilium Medium Brown is a beautiful ash brown color. Perfect for the light-tinted skin and medium to dark brown eyebrows. Depending on skin type and lifestyle, the henna offers a long-lasting effect: 5 to 14 days on the skin and for about 5 weeks on the hairs.

Approx. 30 applications

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  • Long-lasting result
  • Beautiful, warm brown tint
  • Very easy to use
  • Including measuring spoon, cup and mixing stick
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For the first time

Some people are allergic to eyebrow henna. Just like regular eyebrow and hair dye. Therefore, always do a patch test when a customer is dyed with henna for the first time. Prepare the henna and apply a dot to the inside of the arm, leave for 15 minutes and remove with a damp cotton pad. If no allergy develops within 48 hours, you can use Supercilium Brow Henna careless next time!

Supercilium Brow Henna Medium Brown explained to the smallest detail

  • Wax, thread or epilate the eyebrows nicely in shape. For example with Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax Gold or Silver. This hot film wax belongs to the latest generation of wax. The wax pearls are based on polymers, are very elastic and do not break easily. Soft for the skin, hard for the hair! And because you do not use strips, but pull the wax when it has become hard, you can lay it close against the eyebrow 
  • Enough about the wax, let’s go to henna. Mix 3/4 scoop of henna powder with 20-25 drops Supercilium Brow Henna Fixing Lotion or water. Mix until a smooth substance is formed
  • Leave for 5 minutes. The henna may not be too fluid if you apply it. If you do this, there is a chance that the color will turn yellowish green
  • Make the eyebrows grease-free with Supercilium Brow Henna Cleansing Tonic, so that the henna better absorbs the skin. Or use Get Set from Mrs.Highbrow Professional, this cleaner can also be used before waxing or threading
  • Apply the henna with an angled brush
  • Stamp and press the henna into the skin and make sure the henna is evenly on the skin
  • Create super clean lines. You can remove small mistakes with a cotton swab with Tint Remover
  • Remove the onset after 5 to 10 minutes with a damp, not too wet cotton pad
  • The rest can be removed after another 5 to 10 minutes

Aftercare: just like that

How do you take care henna brows afterwards? Advise the customer to keep his or her brows dry for at least 12 hours. In any case, it is best to use as little water as possible. Also, skincare based on oil, peels and scrubs make the color fade. In addition, it is better not to go in the sun or under the sunbed with henna breaths. This can provoke an allergy.

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