Although brow henna is visible for longer than regular dye, you want your customers to enjoy their perfect brows for as long as possible. Because a happy customer will be a loyal customer. How to apply brow henna for the best results? All Mrs.Highbrow’s tips and tricks revealed. 

Q: How long should I leave the henna for the best result?

A: We recommend to let the brow henna sit for 15 to 20 minutes, whether you work with Dyōtics Brow Henna or Supercilium. So the henna has enough time to develop, for a nice brown color. On very oily skins, a leave-in time of 25 to 30 minutes is recommended. Sometimes only 10 minutes are enough. Especially if someone has very light, almost white hairs. These hairs absorb the henna like a sponge, with a rather dark result. So be alert when working with these types of brows.

Q: What should I do at all times to achieve the best result?

A: There are many oily lotions and creams that can fade the henna shade. It is therefore important that the skin is thoroughly cleaned beforehand and that there is no oil or grease residue on the skin. The Dyotics Skin Prep Cleansing Lotion is perfect to use for this. Moreover, sweat can make henna less long-lasting. So if your client is a fit girl, discuss this with her. And let your client know that it is important to keep the eyebrows dry for at least the first 24 hours. Cleaning products, scrubs and peelings are also not recommended as long as the color is on the skin.

Q: Brow henna and spray tan: a good combi?

A: No, definitely not. If there is spray tan in the skin cells, there is a good chance that it will throw a yellow or green glow on the skin around the eyebrows. Therefore, advise your client not to use spray tan at least for the last two weeks before the henna treatment. It is one shade or the other!

Q: What do you do if a customer has very oily skin?

A: When the skin is very oily, it is not wise to use eyebrow henna. Because it simply won’t last. Advise your client to choose for regular eyebrow dye, so that the hairs will at least be one shade darker.

Q: What if the color seems too light during the procedure? 

A: Do not worry if the chosen shade seems to be too light for your client. You can apply another layer with a darker shade over the top straight away. The shades of Dyōtics and Supercilium can be mixed with each other at any time.

Q: How do you prevent a yellow shade?

A: Skincare, moisturizers, sunscreen and spray tans can affect the color. It takes a few days before these products leave the skin cells. And if they are still in the skin cells, they can cause a yellow or greenish glow. It is therefore important that you cleans the skin as thoroughly as possible before the appointment.


What is the difference between Dyotics and Supercilium Brow Henna?

In our webshop you can order both Dyotics Brow Henna and Supercilium Brow Henna. These two brands of eyebrow henna are both of high quality. The difference is that Dyotics also has the extra dark color Raven. Dyotics are packed in zip bags and Supercilium in bottles.

Price Dyotics Starter Kit € 99; single colors € 15.95.

Price Supercilium Starter Kit € 119; single colors € 19.95


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