If you book an eyebrow styling course at Mrs. Highbrow Amsterdam, you will be taught by one of our top stylists. They are not only the best in brow styling, they are also very experienced and passionate in teaching. At Mrs. Highbrow we know that absolute attention and dedication is necessary to train people well. That is why all our courses are private or with a maximum of two students on one trainer. But we remain realistic: you do not become an eyebrow specialist in one day. It is therefore useful if you already have experience as a make-up artist, beautician or hairdresser, or that you are obviously talented. Only then a training of a day is useful.


During this basic course you will learn the practice of waxing, cutting, tinting and applying brow make-up. A training for specialists who want to get better in eyebrows. It is an advantage if you already have experience as a beautician, make-up artist or hairdresser. In addition you get six weeks of online coaching. The course includes a starter kit, containing everything you need to get started right away.

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Threading and henna brows are popular treatments. So as a brow stylist it’s a must offering these techniques. Now learn both in one day, in our cozy salon in the Amsterdam Pijp.

For taking part in this training it’s important that you already are experienced in brow styling.

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Henna brows are popular, thanks to the long-lasting and beautiful results. During this workshop you will learn how to create perfect eyebrows with Brow Henna. It is important that you already have experience with styling eyebrows. So it’s a training for the advanced specialist. Includes Starter Kit, certificate and 6 weeks online coaching.

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Online course Henna Brows

A unique online course Henna Brows, developed by Mrs.Highbrow Amsterdam. For anyone who wants to start working with eyebrow henna. Or already used another brand of brow henna, but is curious about Dyotics. A Mrs.Highbrow certificate and starter kit Brow Henna included. 

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Practical course Henna Brows

This course is a follow-up to the theory course Henna Brows. When you have completed this, it is possible to register for this practical part, with the password you received after completing the online course.  All important theory is put into practice, on one model. You also learn how to photograph the results as good as possible. So that you take perfect photos for social media. Mrs.Highbrow’s brow gurus Francien, Ranie or Sima give you all the tips and tricks. Certificate an 6 weeks of support included.