How do you perfectly apply brow henna? We explain it step by step in this tutorial henna brows, using Supercilium Brow Henna.

Before you start…

Some people are allergic to brow henna, although this is not very common. Just as this can appear with regular eyebrow and hair dye. However it can cause serious reaction to the skin. Therefore we advise always to do a patch test if a customer wants a henna treatment for the first time. Prepare some henna and apply a dot of henna paste to his or her wrist or arm. Leave for about 15 minutes and remove. If the customer does not develop an allergy within 48 hours, you can use Supercilium brow henna next time. Or ask your customer to come by a few days before the first treatment for the patch test.

Important: a clean skin

The cleaner the skin the better henna can absorb into the skin. Therefore make the skin oil free, preferably with Supercilium Cleansing Tonic. In addition, it is advisable to exfoliate the eyebrows in advance. This removes dead skin cells, so the henna can do it’s job better. Ask the customer to scrub his or her skin the evening or morning before the treatment.

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